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If a man says he adores you: the psychology of love
Incredible facts There really are few things more beautiful in this world than true love. It's strong
Attribution (psychology)
Causal attribution: what it is in simple words, examples
Attribution is the endowment by one individual of another with characteristics and qualities that cannot be seen by him
'The picture shows: the cerebral cortex receives the stimulus "A guy is telling me something on the phone": and the limbic system unconsciously interprets this with feelings: "This is good
“Psychoanalysis cures ignorance, but is powerless against nonsense.” Why should the psychoanalyst not want the client to recover too much?
Psychoanalysis and its effectiveness are confirmed by the research of biologists and the rich clinical practice of psychoanalysts. How does it work
Lecture on the psychology of communication on the topic "Types, levels and functions of communication." communication models. Channels and means of communication"
The very concept of communication has several definitions, which is associated with different views of scientists and specialists
psychoanalysis in psychology
Psychoanalysis in psychology - what is it briefly and in simple words
Psychoanalytic direction is a direction in foreign psychology and psychotherapy of the 20th century, the founder of which
manipulation of people
7 simple and 7 complex techniques for manipulating consciousness. Which ones are they using on you?
Everyone strives to achieve goals, which can be completely different and depend on many
a man in a suit points to his watch
Essay on the Russian language on the topic “Business Communication”
Business communication is a form of communication interaction that is based on basic principles, norms and
In simple words about synesthesia and its impact on life
What is synesthesia The concept of synesthesia is easy to define by translating the term itself: “syn” - together, “aesthesis”
individual psychological characteristics
How to Determine Your Emotional Type and Develop Resilience
Emotions and stress Stress is a constant companion of modern man. Residents of megacities are especially vulnerable: hours
Motivation from A to Z. What is motive, types of motivation
Human needs are conditional, mobile, and virtual in nature. The virtuality of needs is that each of
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