How to understand that a man is secretly in love and hiding his feelings. Signs of a man falling in love. An exception

Representatives of the strong half of humanity almost always hide their true experiences, emotions and feelings . But why does this happen and what prevents men from demonstrating their true attitude towards certain events, people and objects?

It just so happens that most men try to carefully disguise and hide their own feelings. From childhood, parents put into the little boy’s head the idea that men are strong, men should never cry, men should always have high self-control and calmness. Because of this, an adult youth, a young man and a mature man hides not only negative, but also positive emotions. For example, when they need to demonstrate love for the woman they like, they give up and do not say those tender words that should be said.

Many of us women don't understand why we behave this way. A man’s reluctance to show emotions is caused by several reasons.

A man is in love, but hides his feelings: signs of falling in love

Every woman who notices a man’s advances would probably like to know more accurately about his feelings.
But representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, carefully hide them, finding it difficult to express what is inside them with words. For any person, love is his personal secret, and trying to hide it, the lover behaves in an unusual way. If you observe the behavior, posture, and gestures of such a man, then determining his intentions will not be too difficult. To start a serious relationship, you need to be able to distinguish real feelings from simple flirting.

Overly jealous

Most people have a little bit of jealousy, while others seem to take it to the extreme. Quite a few men are known to be overly jealous and this can definitely drive women crazy. Some of them get angry or upset if their girlfriend talks to a guy, tries to make male friends, or even looks in their direction. Excessive jealousy in most cases not only “drives women crazy,” but also repels them.

Signs of a man falling in love

Not usually caring about how he looks, he suddenly begins to dress modernly and beautifully, takes care of his hair, and wears good perfume.

Knowing that when looking at an object of interest to us, the pupils dilate, we can determine the feelings of a man by being able to catch his gaze.

The lover will talk to his passion with a changed timbre and intonation in his voice.

Also, obvious signs of falling in love with a girl will be pink cheeks, tilting the head to one side and eyebrows that look “housey” during a conversation. At this time, he becomes open to his beloved - he does not hide his palms, puts both thumbs in his belt, keeps his back straight, and leans his chest forward.

His pose can also give him away: a full-face position without crossing his arms and legs or sitting, with his knees pointed towards the girl, indicates that he is very attractive to the lady.


Strong love can cause:

Excitement at the sight of the woman you love.

This can be expressed by incoherent babbling or excessively active gestures during a conversation, accompanied by involuntary movements - adjusting hair and clothes, blotting the forehead with a handkerchief, removing specks of dust from shoulders and other unnecessary gestures.

Behavior of a man in love

An active lover finds a reason to be where his beloved is at that moment. He begins to get involved in the same interests as his girlfriend. He notices minor changes in her appearance and he likes it all. Although some men, on the contrary, hide their feelings so much that they become unapproachable and cold.

But more often than not, the one who is in love becomes a romantic, ready to get a star from the sky. He is attentive, caring, gives gifts, fulfills all the whims, and is the first to come to the rescue.

This behavior can be overshadowed by the lover’s excessive jealousy. Fearing that he has a rival, he may cause a scandal. More well-mannered men immediately lose their mood, they either withdraw or become simply angry.

Representatives of the stronger sex can show off their love with excessive eloquence. Some clearly boast about their life achievements, embellishing them. Almost all men, having felt sympathy for a woman, begin to find out the details of her life.

Another sign of a lover is the desire to touch his beloved, at least accidentally or in a fit of politeness (for example, helping to put on a coat).

Where does romance go?

When two people start dating, long before they make it official or exclusive, men usually tend to be romantic, charming, and seem like the best guys in the world. But then, when the relationship becomes official, everything that was so wonderful about it seems to cease to exist: flowers, restaurants, gifts and much more - it's gone.

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This can really drive women crazy.

Other actions of a guy who falls in love

1. Tries to conquer the girl by inserting funny anecdotes and jokes into the conversation.

2. Meeting his beloved is more important to him than all his other affairs.

3. He will always help if you ask him, even very urgently.

4. Becomes incredibly caring.

5. Trusting, he begins to talk about his cherished thoughts, secrets, and experiences.

6. The woman he loves is the best in everything, he admires her and wants to achieve great success.

7. A man in love always assumes the participation of the girl he likes in his affairs.

8. A person who truly loves is always ready to protect both from physical threat and from emotional shock, not allowing even the thought of offending himself. He can physically feel if his loved one is in pain.

9. Sacrificing his comfort and safety, in difficult cases he acts without shifting the situation to others.

10. Always listens to the opinion of his beloved, considering it the most important. May put aside what he is doing to be more attentive.

11. He remembers well everything that is important for the girl he loves.

12. Completely trusts, letting you go on personal matters, while being very bored.

Not all men in love can show the listed signs. Each person perceives the world in his own way and may not express himself according to the “standard”. The main thing for a woman is to carefully observe and feel. Or you can just talk openly.

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