15 signs that a man is hiding his feelings for you

Relationships between a man and a woman are always built on trust. But what should a girl do when her boyfriend hides their relationship from friends and family? Secret relationships always look suspicious and cause a lot of misunderstanding. And no matter how much a woman wants to justify a man’s behavior, from the outside it looks frivolous and stupid. Why does a man hide a girl and what drives his desire not to tell his love story to anyone?

He doesn't take relationships seriously

It's best to start right away with the bad news. And no matter how sad it is, most likely the man simply does not take the relationship with the girl seriously or even believes that there is no relationship. If you've been together for more than a month, and he still hasn't introduced you to friends or just pets, this is a sure sign that it's time to break off the relationship. It’s even worse when a girl trusts him completely, opens her soul and brings him into the company of mutual friends, and in return receives only gratitude. With such a person you will simply waste your time.

Behavior of a man in love

Sign language

In addition to obvious signs, pay attention to non-verbal, unconscious ones. The main thing is to read body language and facial expressions correctly

No matter how the lover tries to hide his feelings, his body is tense, a little constrained. Hands may shake from embarrassment or excitement, and palms may sweat. Arms crossed on the chest indicate an attempt to close

When a man opens up, straightens his shoulders, he shows off his body, shows off, and attracts attention. Physical attraction can be assumed if during communication a man periodically touches the belt or puts his hands on his hips

Reducing the distance when talking. When falling in love, a man tries to get closer at every opportunity, to penetrate personal space.

Facial expressions and gaze

Unconscious glances towards the object of love. An interested person wants to enjoy, admire the image of his beloved.

It is very difficult for a lover to control his gaze, unless, of course, he is an intelligence agent. By noticing how a man looks, it is easy to determine whether he is in love. Admiration shines in the eyes of a man towards his beloved. Often, when talking, the gaze unconsciously stops at the lips. Realizing that it is indecent to closely examine their beloved, men begin to hide their gaze and look on the sly. But these glances are so common that they are not difficult to catch.


The behavior of a person in love is often unstable. Constant change of mood from thoughtfulness and lyricism to fun and relaxedness.

Recently ended relationship4

If a man has just recently ended a relationship, then being a gentleman, he simply does not want to hurt his ex-lover. This is customary among “exes” if the partners do not have the goal of annoying each other. In this case, it is quite logical to hide a new relationship, and you should not be offended by a man without clarifying the situation. Just give it a little time for the relationship to strengthen and you can make sure that you made the right choice. The “time of exes” will pass, and he will definitely stop hiding your relationship.

How to understand that a lady likes you

The first sign that women use to notify men that they are interested is their glances. Long, intent, alluring, crafty - different. The main thing is that there is no outright aggression in them. If a lady looked askance, secretly looked at a man and immediately looked away as soon as he noticed it, she probably has an interest in this man.

2-3 such glances - and you can be sure that the girl is interested. If she decides that her partner is suitable for her in terms of status, physical and other parameters, she will begin to give more explicit signals. The most striking nonverbal signals of interest are all kinds of touches of your body.

An interested person will touch her hair, preening and playing with curls

By doing this, a woman attracts the attention of a potential partner, as if inviting him to appreciate her advantages: beauty, health, etc. Touching her face, playing with jewelry and “preening” have a similar meaning (a woman, as if by chance, adjusts the straps of her dress, the hem of her blouse, etc.) etc.)

Body position is also important. If a lady likes a man, she will unconsciously turn in his direction and, as it were, “open up” to him

If before this the woman stood with her arms crossed over her chest, she will change this position to a more relaxed one. Then the “heavy artillery” will be used: an unobtrusive demonstration of the chest and legs. A lady can, as if by chance, touch her bodice or, sitting on a chair, play with her leg.

He values ​​your relationship very much6

Let's move from bad news to good news. Maybe a man is hiding a girl simply because he is afraid of losing her? This is usually done by men with low self-esteem, who are more afraid than anything in the world that their best friend will be able to take you away with him. Maybe you have come across such a jealous person? Think carefully, do you need a relationship where you will be jealous of every pillar? What about general photos? What about walks with friends? No, it’s better to be alone at home, in a robe and in the dark. What if someone steals such a treasure as you from under their nose?

How does a lover behave?

Not all men in love always hide their feelings

A man in love does stupid things, behaves strangely, attracts a woman's attention, and is not afraid to be funny.

A man in love is characterized by:

Awkwardness. Feels awkward, shy, clumsy in the presence of a woman.

Looks into the eyes

Having met the eyes of the girl he likes, he looks away.

Attracts attention. Speaks louder, straightens his shoulders/puffs out his chest/maintains his posture when passing by, attracts attention with loud sounds.

Becomes more caring

She asks how she got to her destination and how she’s feeling/feeling.

Trying to make you laugh. Jokes, tells jokes/funny stories.

Open pose. The lover sits/stands in an open position, with his body turned towards the woman.

Persistence. Shows persistence (meetings, requests to tell something).

Tactile contact. Tries to accidentally touch the arm/shoulder/cheek/nose/waist/hair.

Behavior. Shakes off invisible specks of dust, straightens clothes/belt, freshens breath before a conversation.

All women know well how a young man in love behaves

It’s worth paying attention to it - assumptions will be confirmed, cards will be revealed

You're screwing yourself up8

Men are complex creatures. And sometimes their understanding of relationships is not similar to women’s. For you, relationships mean constant meetings, shared photos on social networks, round-the-clock SMS, emoticons and continuous mi-mi-mi. For a man, a couple of minutes of conversation on the phone, meetings three times a week are enough, but he has never even heard of shared photos on Instagram. And this does not mean at all that the man is hiding you from the public, he simply does not want to share you with her. Maybe this is where the happiness of two people lies?

Whatever type of behavior is inherent in your man, at the beginning of the relationship, keep him at a distance and do not show all your cards at once. Respect the personal space of your chosen one and be prepared for the fact that in the near future he will stop hiding your relationship and you will see his social circle.

Signs of hidden feelings in a man

He likes to help you

He usually offers to help you. For example, listen, give advice, or help move furniture.

He makes it clear that you can count on him in everything.

He admires you (but will never say it out loud)

When you speak, he looks at you as if you were the most wonderful creature in the world.

He understands that you've been through a lot and admires your achievements. Each of your victories is huge in his eyes, although he does not make this clear.

He will listen to you and compliment you - an obvious sign that he has feelings for you.

As soon as he is with you, he turns on protective mode

Even though a man may make fun of you, it will never come off as mean, inappropriate, or rude.

But every time someone else does the same, the man will not approve of this and will even reprimand the joker to protect you.

He will also make sure that you get home safely and safely.

Whether he admits it or not, a man cares about you, and these little signs of attention indicate hidden feelings for you.

He shows signs of restrained jealousy

He doesn't like it when you are in the company of other men. And this is natural, because he reacts in accordance with his feelings and is afraid that someone else will become your soul mate.

You will see his face turn pale and his attitude towards you become a little strange. He is clearly uncomfortable and jealous when another man approaches you.

Not to mention that he will definitely ask you questions about what kind of relationships you are in with other men.

He's attentive

Broodiness is one of the most common signs that he is struggling with his feelings for you.

As mentioned earlier, he wants you to see him in the best light and therefore will act like a true gentleman. He will open the door for you, for example, and even if he doesn't shower you with gifts, the little gifts he gives you will come from the heart.

It doesn't have to be something extravagant like your favorite chocolates.

He shares personal information with you

Most men do not want to open up or do so slowly and with some reluctance. But if a man begins to trust you, this is always a good sign.

People can talk to each other about the weather, but sharing personal details is a much more intimate thing.

He will want to hear your opinion about what is happening to him now, or about plans for the future.

In general, he will have an inexplicable need to inform you about everything at every opportunity.

There are moments of cooling

He may not even realize that he is struggling with his feelings. Although he finds it difficult to confront them or explain how he feels, it will be even more difficult for you to understand him.

At such moments, it may seem that he is playing with you.

You will have to trust your intuition to understand whether his actions are unintentional or just a game.

You will feel chemistry and some tension between each other.

Every time you walk into the room, he can't help but smile.

He will stare at you and always find a way to indirectly compliment you by saying how beautiful you are.

He can also convey to you all the tension accumulated inside him in slightly rude words or remarks.

The magnetism between you is difficult to explain, but it is felt nonetheless.


The key to understanding why he is struggling with his feelings for you is that men don't experience their feelings the same way as women.

They will trust their minds first, preferring logical thinking over emotions, while women tend to follow their hearts.

If he is struggling with his feelings, give him time to work through them. He is struggling with himself, and it is better if he does it alone. Once he figures everything out, he will take a place in your life.

If not, it means that he is simply not your man.

How to distinguish falling in love from physical attraction: 5 signs

A man's liking for a woman begins with physical attraction. That's how nature ordered it. Some of her external qualities seem irresistible to him, and he “sticks.” At this very first level of rapprochement, the brain does not turn on, and passion blinds.

Girls often mistake this first flash for love. But the man is still far from real feeling. Next, he should feel emotional sympathy, when he wants not only to possess her body, but also to do something good for her, to help and be there.

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How a man in love looks, we learn to distinguish between looks: intimate, flirting, furtive, languid

Then the man in love becomes interested in talking with his chosen one, he begins to like her way of thinking, character, he notices that their temperaments suit each other perfectly. At this moment, the man experiences the third stage of attachment - intellectual.

And only if a lover is able to experience the last stage of a relationship with the woman he has chosen—spiritual intimacy—can we say that he truly loves her.

There are several moments in a man's behavior that will tell a girl whether he is in love with her or whether he is experiencing only a fleeting passionate attraction.

Changes appearance

This is the first thing he will do. The guy will finally visit the stylist and get his haircut. He will start keeping his shirts fresh. Maybe even buy a couple of fashionable clothes and perfume.

Will try to get your attention

Gradually, the gentleman will begin to make attempts to attract the attention of the woman he likes. Any psychologist will confirm that when a man falls in love, he changes beyond recognition

His gaze will constantly follow the object of desire, admiring the girl. He will hide his eyes in embarrassment if she notices the surveillance and looks back. All this looks quite comical from the outside, but it will be very easy to notice the emerging interest.

He will try for you, look after you, protect you

A clear sign of sincere interest in a girl is the lover’s efforts to do something good for her. By asking a man for help, you can test his feelings. He will do everything in his power to solve the problem of the woman he loves.

Will be embarrassed and act like a fool

Unable to cope with the surging emotions in the presence of the girl he is interested in, a guy can behave like a fool:

  • Say stupid things;
  • laugh inappropriately;
  • to be embarrassed;
  • blush;
  • gesticulate a lot;
  • stutter;
  • not being able to formulate a simple thought or pronounce a word.

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How to understand that a guy is jealous: reasons and signs, what to do, advice from a psychologist

In fact, such behavior is a good sign, indicating a feeling so strong that the person is unable to cope with it.

Signs of love and sympathy

Before understanding a man’s feelings, let’s learn to distinguish between concepts such as love and sympathy. Agree, girls, this skill will be very useful to us in life!

Love is a combination of several strong feelings: respect, interest, falling in love and emotional attachment.Sympathy occurs when you have a positive attitude towards a person. He arouses genuine interest in you and a desire to spend more time together.
Love is characterized by complete trust in another person. You can open up to him without doubting his integrity. If you feel sympathy for a person, you will not initiate him into the recesses of your soul. There are some things you can tell him, but some things you will keep silent about.
If true love has arisen between you, you will soon begin to think about a future together. Common plans, prospects and dreams are what characterize true love. Being in a state of love and sympathy, you will not get too ahead of yourself in your dreams. How your general weekend will go is the most you can think about.
The ability to compromise. When you truly love, you are willing to sacrifice your own interests for the interests of your loved one. At the same time, you will do this completely free of charge, without expecting gratitude and without being offended by your partner. Having fallen in love with a person, you will still defend your own rights in a conflict situation. You will be concerned about your own interests, and the interests of your partner will fade into the background.

What to do in such situations

The main thing is not to get upset. There is no need to change yourself for someone else, the most important thing is to be yourself. But still, some tips on what to do that is useful.

For a girl (what NOT to do when communicating with a modest guy)

To avoid scaring off a shy man, you need to follow a few tips.

  1. No need to rush. Don't force a guy to make the first move. When the time comes, if he really has feelings, everything will work out. You can, of course, give a man a little hint about your feelings to increase his confidence. For example, ask for help at work. With a feeling of satisfaction, the boy's confidence will increase.
  2. There is no need to deliberately put the guy in an awkward position and cause negative emotions. It's better to be modest. This is a method of psychological mirroring: if a man imitates the character or actions of another person, it means that he cares and is seen as a potential partner. A shy man alone with a seemingly insecure girl will worry less and, over time, communication will improve.
  3. Under no circumstances should you laugh at him. It is better to try to show your sincere attitude. If you really like a young man, you should not hide your willingness to come to his aid. You must let him know that you are interested in further communication. Shy people are so perceptive that they subconsciously begin to approach the sincere person.

Important: under no circumstances should you laugh at a man, especially when surrounded by his friends or colleagues. This way you can undermine his reputation and interest in women.

To a man

The man should also try to correct the situation. For example:

  1. Try to take more initiative. Don't be afraid to show leadership qualities. In any case, the main thing is to start taking action, and the rest will follow.
  2. If the reason for this behavior is inexperience, then you need to gain experience! Communication skills will not come without trial and error.
  3. Don't follow guys who are more successful with women. Everyone is different and no two characters are the same. If a man takes longer to make the first move, that's okay.

Trust your heart

If a man doesn't love you, you will feel it. A person who is in love with you will be distinguished by their gaze. He will look at you with joy and long to meet you. Moreover, it will be important for him not only to meet you alone, but also to simply be close. That's why he can so willingly invite you to an exhibition or to meet his friends.

Being around someone who is in love with you will make you feel special. He will not only compliment you, but will also try to make you happy. He will happily remember your favorite dish and it will not be difficult for him, because he remembers out of love.

If you still doubt whether a man loves you, trust your heart, it will not deceive you.

Signs of a Shy Guy

A shy guy often seems shy and indecisive to girls. These traits prevent him from meeting the opposite sex and building romantic relationships. If he likes a girl, he cannot make the first step and misses a happy opportunity to get closer.

Many women are sure that if a man likes them, he will show overt signs of attention and take various actions to win her heart. But timid, silent guys can walk in circles for a long time, stammer and blush during meetings, without taking any action.

Why does a guy hide his feelings: reasons

A man feels vulnerable when he falls in love.
A man will not be able to hide the storm inside for long, unless the emotion burns out during a long struggle with his nature.

The girl will instinctively feel this, since strong emotional energy is physically tangible. Usually a guy has a serious reason for hiding his feelings.

He's just afraid of being rejected

All men in love fear a woman's reaction to their confession. The possibility of being rejected is scary, especially if the guy is naturally timid and shy.

A man feels vulnerable when he falls in love . Confessing feelings means trusting, showing the girl where it hurts him the most right now. Getting rejected is like surviving a blow to a freshly broken nose.

The strength of the emotions experienced will not allow the situation to take its course. The man will gather his courage, step over all his inhibitions, buy flowers and go “give up.” It is at this point that the behavior of the chosen one can both kill and lift to heaven.

This is also a difficult moment for a girl. But it depends. Good upbringing and natural tact will soften the situation if she refuses. It’s worse when a woman is not burdened with these qualities, and the refusal will sound too harsh. The consequences of psychological trauma for a man can be sad.

Strengths of Shy Guys

Many girls believe that a timid guy can be boring, therefore, without having time to properly get to know a modest person, they go in search of a self-confident “brutal”. Psychologists advise not to rush to conclusions, since a shy young man can turn out to be an excellent husband and a great father. A timid man has the following qualities:

  • delicacy;
  • courtesy;
  • the ability to value relationships;
  • affection;
  • emotionality;
  • the ability to feel your partner.

Among other things, timid men adapt to a woman in all areas of life, therefore they are especially well suited for powerful, strong personalities who cannot tolerate objections, as well as for anyone who would like to have a devoted and faithful life partner nearby.

How love is born

Before a man truly falls in love, he will first go through certain stages.

  1. Assessment. When meeting a girl, a guy examines her appearance, determines the degree of attractiveness, and tries on the role of a partner for her. As you know, the first impression is formed by appearance.
  2. The emergence of interest in a girl. There is a need for closer acquaintance and communication. There is an interest in getting to know the young lady better.
  3. Attraction. At this stage, the young man begins to court his chosen one and looks at her reaction.
  4. Impression. The guy is trying to show his best qualities, doing everything in order to make the best impression on the girl, to amaze her.
  5. Belief. Feelings become stronger. The chosen one occupies all thoughts in my head and begins to dream. The guy realizes that he constantly thinks about the girl, cannot concentrate on other things, all thoughts are only about her.
  6. Repeated persuasion. This stage is characterized by the understanding that the young lady was enchanted, and the idea of ​​a serious relationship is born.
  7. Love. A serious romance begins, the feelings are very strong.

Unacceptable things to do when communicating with a timid guy

When communicating with a modest guy, it is important to remember that he is a vulnerable person, so you should not further injure his pride. If a guy is very shy, a harsh voice and a raised voice will simply scare him away. People prone to timidity categorically cannot stand shouting and withdraw into themselves if this happens.

A modest guy who is embarrassed to even talk to a woman is sensitive to all sorts of ridicule, so before you joke, think about whether this will hurt his pride. A timid man may have a wonderful sense of humor, but ridicule directed at him will be unpleasant and incomprehensible to him.

You should also avoid criticism, especially sharp and incorrect criticism. Modest guys have a very hard time when they are judged and their shortcomings are pointed out, so it is better to avoid such moments. The best option would be a subtle hint that the guy is doing something wrong, but there should be no derogatory criticism.

Another important trait is not to ask a shy person about his feelings. A woman who is distinguished by wisdom will herself understand that the chosen one is interested in her, even if the man is withdrawn. Asking a timid man directly what he feels for the lady of his heart is an impossible task and sometimes useless: his shy nature simply will not allow him to be straightforward with his chosen one.

To build a relationship with a shy person, you need to show patience, tact and respect, and then the timid guy will certainly become bolder and be able to make his beloved happy.

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